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The secret of our gnocchetti

gnochetti con ragù | cantina do spade

gnochetti con ragù | cantina do spade

Which is the secret behind our gnocchetti? But the meat sauce, of course! Its variations are countless, the most famous ones being Bolognese and Neapolitan sauce. The term ragù comes from the French ragôut (“to add flavour to something”) and originally indicated a sort of stew, eaten as a main course, as sauce on toasted bread or as a vol-au-vent filling.

Gnocchetti and ragù: how they met

It took some years before ragù started to be used as a pasta sauce. However, various ragù recipes were soon created, so now we can say the term “ragù” is used as a general term, since the phrases “fish ragù” and “vegetable ragù” can be heard quite often, too.