Water and food in Venice: how food gets to the lagoon

Exhibition Water and Food in Venice 2015 | Cantina Do Spade

If food in Venice fascinates you both because of its taste and because of its history, we recommend a visit to the Doge’s Palace. Till February 14th, 2016 you’ll find a very interesting exhibition here, especially if you’re a fan of the history of Venice.

Its title is Water and Food in Venice. A history of the Lagoon and the City, and it reveals a piece of the history of our Cantina, too.

The exhibition Water and Food in Venice

Have you ever wondered how food got to Venice, in the past? Or which problems Venetians had to face to produce food in the area of the lagoon, with its salty water?

You’ll find the answer to these and other questions in this exhibition.

The exhibition Water and Food in Venice opened on September 26th, in the Doge’s Apartment of the Doge’s Palace, where it remains till February 14th. Its goal is showing the supplying systems developed in Venice in the past centuries.

Paintings and multimedia

To reach this goal, the exhibition employs:

  • more than a hundred works of art – paintings, historic maps and engravings – provided by the most important Venetian art collections;
  • multimedia, as for example 3D projections of the lagoon and virtual models, to let you enter into the old Venice. As well as a video tutorial on how to prepare some of the oldest Venetian dishes, as for example sarde in saor (sardines with onions and vinegar);
  • an itinerary divided into five sections: from the changes in the territory to the water network, going through how food was produced and sold, the celebrations and places where food was eaten. Which means osterie.

What did an old osteria in Venice look like?

And Cantina Do Spade is, indeed, one of the oldest osterie in Venice: it exists since at least 1448. This is the year in which Giuseppe Tassini’s book Curiosità veneziane, ovvero origini delle denominazioni stradali (“Interesting facts about Venice, or origins of street names”) was published, where we’re mentioned for the first time. As we’ve told you in this anecdote.

Thanks to ths exhibition, you’ll get a glimpse at how it was, because the fourth section – focused on “Architecture and Food” – contains a virtual model of the Cantina Do Spade as it was in 1754.

You’ll be taken back in time, because you’ll discover how customers were welcomed here, in the 18th century.

You may therefore go from the 21st-century Cantina to the 18th-century one during the same day, because the Doge’s Palace is only a ten minutes walk from here.

Finally, here’s a couple of photos from the exhibition, just to give you a taste of what to expect!