Do Spade’s Blackboard

In a small slate blackboard on the bar, where we serve the “cicchetti”, we usually recommend to our guests a good wine. Here we can also give advices, recipes and anecdotes, to let you know the history of each dish or glass.


Why is our ravioli with cheese and walnut sauce so irresistible? Surely because its pumpkin stuffing adds a delicate taste to this dish.

What is a cicchetto?

Just like in any decent bacaro, here we can taste delicious local wines served with excellent traditional cicchetti

What’s a Bacaro?

The term bàcaro comes from a gondolier who, when tasting a new wine from Southern Italy, cried out “Very good! This is a bàcaro’s wine, indeed”

Balsamic Vinegar

From black grapes, besides good wines, the creamy and delicious balsamic vinegar of Modena is produced, too, an international representative of Italian food customs

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