Half eggs with anchovy

You won't find any simpler, cheaper and ideal cicchetto than this exquisite appetizer: boiled eggs, cut in half, garnished with an olive and an anchovy in oil.
Preparazione: 10 min
Cottura: 3 min
Dosi per: 8 persone


Eggs, 4
Anchovy fillets, 8
Olives, 8
Salt & Pepper, q.s.
Oil, q.s.


  • Boil the eggs, shell them out and cut them in half.
  • Using a cocktail stick, stick a rolled anchovy fillet and a pitted olive
  • Serve the half eggs, each sticked with a cocktail stick. Sprinkle salt & pepper q.s. on each of them.

The cicchetto par excellence. Here’s why!

Imagine you’re living in the Venice of the first half of the 13th century. People meet in the calli and the fondamenta to trade. This also becomes the opportunity for a drink and for those quick appetizers “a scotta dito” (eaten in a rush) that will later be called “cicchetti” (from the Latin “ciccus”, tiny quantity), which are combined with the wine to avoid getting drunk already early in the morning. In San Marco the merchants used to make a toast to celebrate the conclusion of a deal. The square was full of all kinds of stands, including those for the winery under the bell tower and the porticos. The varieties of cicchetti are countless: due to the tiny amount of food in them, they’re served with toothpicks to keep them together. Explore Venice at the research of the most authentic and simple cicchetti for a sneak peek of the trading atmosphere through the Venetian markets of the 13th century. Among them, don’t miss the following: “Mesi vovi co’ l’aciugheta” (Half eggs with the anchovy). In a single mouthful you’ll get an explosion of flavours that will help absorbe the wine and not to get tipsy at your first bacaro. And don’t miss that olive: it’s just as important as the famous olive in our spritz!