Venetian spritz

It's happy hour time and here it comes: spritz, protagonist of this time of the day in Venice, to sip through the city calli. Red, vibrant and bright Venetian alcoholic cocktail, famous worldwide.
Preparazione: 5 min


Wine, q.s.
Water, q.s.
Liquor (to choose), q.s.


The name comes from spritzen, a term of Austrian origins meaning “to spray”, since the soldiers of the Austrian Empire used to ask for watering the wine down, either with some sparkling water or with some seltz. The spritz was born from the combination of this habit and the sparkling noise made during its preparation. Anyway, the version we know today was born between the Padova and Venice, in the early 1900s: some Aperol was added to wine and water, thus giving a unique, sweet flavour to the cocktail. Here are the doses for the perfect spritz:

  •  ⅓ of wine
  • ⅓ of sparkling water or seltz
  • ⅓ of Aperol

Don’t miss adding a slice of citrus fruit (lemon or orange) and an olive. In Venice you will find different versions of the Spritz, each with its different flavour and alcohol content.

  1. White Spritz, the original one, prepared just with white wine and sparkling water.
  2. Select Spritz, a typical Venetian version characterized by an intense red color and a dry bitter flavour.
  3. Campari Spritz, the one with the highest alcohol content, dark red, for strong flavours lovers.

Here you can find almost all versions that you could order during your stay in Venice 

    • Select spritz Rumor has it, this is the true Venetian spritz. Indeed, Select was born in Murano island in 1920. Here is the recipe: ⅓ of wine (or Prosecco), ⅓ of Select, ⅓ of seltz. It has to be served in a glass or in a chalice, previously filled with ice. A final touch can be adding an orange slice.
  • Campari spritz Usually, when ordering a spritz you will be asked the following question: “With Campari or Aperol?”. With its brilliant red, Campari spritz reminds of the Venetian summer evenings, spent chatting outside the bacari. Although there’s no written recipe for this drink, here you can find the one shared by every Venetian barman: glass or chalice, previously filled with ice, ⅓ white wine (or Prosecco), ⅓ Campari, ⅓ seltz, orange slice for garnishing.
  • Aperol spritz Another great classic of Venice nightlife, Aperol spritz is characterized by a bright orange colour, similar to the one of the sunsets that you could admire by the sea. How to prepare the perfect Aperol spritz? After filling the glass with ice, ⅓ white wine (or prosecco), ⅓ Aperol, ⅓ seltz and an orange slice for garnishing
  • Cynar spritz Even if its dark colour might make you mistake it with Coke, the basic ingredient of this drink is the popular artichoke-based amaro liqueur, that you can use to prepare a tasty and bitter version of the spritz. How? Like this: ⅓ wine (or Prosecco), ⅓ Cynar, ⅓ seltz, ice and a slice of lemon. We suggest you use a glass (chalices are rarely used for this drink).
  • Hugo spritz Even if it might sound like a form of heresy, we assure you spritz with elder really has a fabulous taste. How do you prepare the Hugo version of the spritz? Prefere the chalice (but the glass is allowed too) and fill it with ice, than ⅓ Prosecco, ⅓ elderflower syrup, ⅓ seltz, a slice of green apple and some mint to garnish.

Centino spritz You will find it only at Cantina Do Spade. It is based on Centino: this ruby-red liqueur was invented in Pordenone by the barman Bruno Redivo, who mixed wine, vermouth and amaro with orange zest. Centino quickly became the symbol of Veneto movida in the mid ‘50s. It really is exquisite, seeing is believing!