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Panna cotta

The weak point of every human being, you know, is gluttony, and panna cotta is the evidence. It’s one of the most famous Italian desserts in the world because it’s able to seduces all the senses.

Panna cotta is easy to prepare even if there are some tricks to follow to make it perfect.

  • Fish gelatin

For someone it may be difficult to handle and therefore think to do without it, but the fish gelatin is important to give to panna cotta that shiny and compact appearance that distinguishes it.

  • Agar agar

If you are vegetarian or in any case the idea of ​​using ingredients derived from the animal world, like fish gelatin is, does not please you, you can opt for the agar agar, a vegetable gelatin derived from an alga, which will give to panna cotta a creamy consistency, without altering the taste.

  • Vanilla

It is the aroma that gives that extra touch. It is advisable not to use vanilla since it leaves a bitter aftertaste; better use natural vanilla or natural extract to give the panna cotta that sweet and fragrant taste.

If you are one of those few who do not like vanilla, you can savour the panna cotta with citrus peel, Marsala, lavender, coffee, ginger …

The panna cotta with its simple but strong flavour can be accompanied by any essence, use the imagination and bon appetì!

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