Spaghetti with clams

In the lagoons of the upper Adriatic Sea, fishing shellfish is an activity that dates back to thousands of years ago. During the last twenty years, much has been said about clams, their different species adìnd their “tastiness”. According to Neapolitan traditions, only cross-cut carpet shells should be used in this dish. Here in the North-East of Italy, we tend to use rayed artemis, which is doubtless today’s most common variety, besides. each city by the sea serves this extremely simple and tasty dish.

Recipe of the spaghetti with clams

As it is often the case with simple recipes with only few ingredients, their preparation turns out to be quite complex. In order to prepare this dish, you have to be extremely patient and let the clams purge in a generous amount of salted water for at least an hour. Stir them vigorously with your hands and, if necessary, do it one more time, so that the sand inside them is completely removed. Put the clams in an aluminium pan, put on the lid and cook them over high heat. As soons as clams open, turn off the burner, otherwise you’ll ruin their flavour. Brown garlic, oil and a pinch of hot pepper in a large pan, add some of the water where the clams have been cooked and sauté spaghetti and clams together, reducing them by adding a sprinkle of white wine. Serve with a handful of chopped parsley.

And now enjoy your meal!

Ingredients for 2

600g rayed artemis

160g spaghetti

3 cloves of garlic

extra-virgin oil


hot pepper

salt and pepper

white wine

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