Venetian salted cod with polenta

Salted cod with polenta (Baccalà mantecato con polenta) is a typical Venetian recipe, one of those that always have a sure success because the cod is reduced to a delicious cream with plenty of oil, garlic and parsley, accompanied by polenta.

The origin of the name

This recipe, indeed, is not prepared with cod but with a Norwegian stock fish. Its name, in fact, derives from stokkfisk, which in Norwegian means stick fish. The recipe owes its name because in Veneto the stock fish is usually called cod.

In addition, this fish is often sold whole, so it needs to be soaked in cold water for a long time before it can be cooked.

How to prepare

Prepare codfish with polenta is very simple: just boil the fish in broth and milk, later whisk it with oil, garlic and parsley. It is served hot with the side of polenta in cream or croutons. This is a delicate but substantial recipe, ideal for the colder months.

The Venetian style codfish is a really tasty recipe, which can be served as an appetizer or as a single dish.

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