Benvenuti | Cantina do SpadeWelcome to our bacaro, here, in Calle delle Spade, near the S. Matteo di Rialto church.

The origins of the Osteria

You can easily spot the old sign which was already mentioned by Giuseppe Tassini who, in 1448, refers to “Carle de Zuane, hosto all’insegna delle Spade”, in his book Curiosità veneziane, ovvero origini delle denominazioni stradali. In 1566 Marin Sanudo specifies: “The Osteria delle do Spade, located in S. Matteo and with two subordinate stores, belonged at the time to the Foscari family and was rented to a host called Battista”.

Between cichetto and cichetto, sipping an ombra of good wine, you will have the opportunity to get to know an ancient story with us: ours and Venice’s.