Spritz with Centino

The happy hour is a very classic italian ritual, during which we love to spend some time with friends and chat.

It’s always a good time for a nice aperitif to break the morning (or afternoon) hunger with some appetizers, while drinking some slightly alcoholic drink. For many, aperitif is a synonym for spritz, the vivid drink that conquered Italy and the whole world with its intense and simple flavour.

The king of  cocktails, in Venice and more

It’s no secret Venice is spritz homeland, being the city where this drink was born and where one can experiment all its variants. White wine mixed with Aperol, Campari, Bitter or Select, each of them having its different alcohol content, its peculiar color and a flavour, satisfying for every palate.

Centino: a history spanning over 60 years

At Cantina Do Spade we decided to broaden our spritz choice, adding a somewhat forgotten liquor, also born behind the counter of a Venetian bar: the Centino.

The Centino was invented by Bruno Redivo in Pordenone, in the 50s, combining wine, vermouth and Amaro and orange zest. Come and try the Spritz con il Centino by Cantina Do Spade. It was an authentic newness for all bars in our region and it soon became the symbol of Veneto movida in the 50s.

Spritz with Centino: rediscovering the tradition

Our clients know well that our food and wine concept is based on the strong respect of the purest Venetian tradition, the seasonality of ingredients and the contextualization of all dishes and drinks representing the history of our region. This is why we decided to propose the Spritz con il Centino again. The color of passion and a charming taste: the Spritz con il Centino is ideal for anyone willing to bring back the old flavours again or simply to try something new and different from the good old Spritz.

So don’t forget to ask the Spritz con il Centino any time you pass by: a tasty and refreshing experience that won’t disappoint you.