The perfect cicchetto

It’s always difficult to choose. You are standing in front of the counter and you don’t have the slightest idea what to order: everything seems delicious and appealing. We are giving you a little help: we will explain you which are our most beloved cicchetti and their wine pairing. Because your goal today is to get the perfect cicchetto.

The three finest cicchetti of Cantina Do Spade

Cantina Do Spade is specialized in fried appetizers, but of course you will also find other kind of cicchetti. On a virtual podium of Venetian appetizers, you will find:

  • Pumpkin blossoms stuffed with creamed salt cod
  • Meatballs
  • Crab claws

Fried pumpkin blossoms in puff pastry are a true delicacy on their own, but we decided to add a Venetian touch: creamed salted cod: stockfish turned into a unique cream, that will surprise you at first bite.

Unlike this one, meatballs are not a typical Venetian recipe: prepared with meat like the traditional ones, born to reuse the leftover meat, but also filled with tuna, for those preferring the fish. You can prepare them stewed or baked: we propose them breaded and fried in abundant oil.

Venetian wines of Cantina Do Spade

When talking about the perfect wine pairing for each of this cicchetti, things get interesting. Usually you can accompany fried food with a fresh beer, but another good option is to choose a white wine. For fried fish we suggest you a dry white wine or a light rosé, whereas meat goes at best with a red one. But a good pairing for fry are also sparkling wines, as they make it lighter. For our three most beloved cicchetti, we propose you a still white wine or a Malvasia. Anyway, you will have our well-stocked winery at your disposal!

Did you choose your favourite cicchetto?