Category: Traditional Venetian cuisine

The perfect cicchetto
25 August 2015

It’s always difficult to choose. You are standing in front of the counter and you don’t have the slightest idea what to order: everything seems delicious and appealing. We are giving you a little help: we will explain you which are our most beloved cicchetti and their wine pairing. Because your goal today is to […]

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History of the baccalà (stockfish)
02 August 2013

The history of stockfish begins in 1432, with the sea journey of Pietro Querini, Venetian patrician and member of the Serenissima Great Council. He was headed to the Flanders from Candia. Due to the terrible storms, he had to land on the desert island of Sandøy, in the Loften Norwegian archipelago.  There, Querini and his […]

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The Bussolai biscuits
04 July 2013

Typical of Burano island, the “bussolà” (also called buranelli) take their name from the word “busa”, which in Venetian dialect means “hole”. The dialectal word “buranei” was later added to underline their origin. The origin of the bussolai biscuits The story goes that, once upon a time, a famous Venetian restaurateur asked the local baker […]

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Bigoli pasta

Bigoli are a traditional fresh pasta of Veneto region, prepared only with soft wheat flour, very little water and salt. They are prepared with a specific pasta press called “bigolaro”. Legend has it, this machine was created in 1604 by a pasta maker from Padua that earned him a patent from the City Council of […]

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What is a cicchetto?
08 February 2013

As in any bacaro worth of this name, in our Cantina you can taste great regional wines, together with delicious cicchetti tupical of our culinary tradition, such as sardines in saor, creamed codfish, Venetian style liver, but also fried mozzarella sandwich, fried meatballs, cuttlefish, squids… A way to delight your palate, taking a step back in time but […]

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