Prosecco Surlì Col Tamarìe

During the last few years, wine lovers are discovering the pleasure of drinking winery products of biological origin, not only for their genuine taste, but mostly since this type of agriculture is based upon the predominant use of organic matter that has a limited environmental impact. As an example, innovative techniques were developed to produce the Prosecco Surlì Col Tamarìe, allowing better aeration and a reduced risk of parasites attacks. Sulfur soap gets vaporized on the leaves to drive insects away and to get rid of mites and mushrooms. Hence, without the need of phytotherapy and thanks to meticulous techniques of organic farming, essential for both the earth and the human health, the golden bunches are grown and protected for the vinification of one of the finest Venetian wines.

Features of the Prosecco Sulì Col Tamarìe

Produced with Biological Agriculture techniques, with its fruity notes and a vibrant perlage the Prosecco Col Tamarìe is a sparkling wine that will satisfy not only the lovers of biological products, but all those who are looking for a natural and exclusive spumante. Natural, because it’s not filtered, but rather re-fermented on its native yeasts after they have been macerated on peels. Exclusive, since this process excludes the use of adding industrial sulfites, as it uses those naturally produced by grapes. For this reason we like defining the Col Tamarìe as a wine that talks about a simple nature: fresh citrus sensations come to the smell, just like those of orange and cedro peels, white flowers and aromatic herbs (mint and thyme).

Dry, elegant and sapid, it’s perfect with appetizers, with typical regional starters and with all the Cantina Do Spade delicacies. Just like any good and respectable white wine, it is advisable to uncorke the Col Tamarìe bottle at a temperature of 8-10°C, so that the perlage can slowly rise up in the glass, bringing to the surface the delicate scents that characterize it. What are you waiting for? Try this irresistible nectar of the gods!