Fish fry

At Cantina Do Spade, we are famous for our renowned crispy fish fry. Here is the recipe.
Preparazione: 40 min
Cottura: 10 min
Dosi per: 4 persone


Squids, 350 gr
Sardines, 12
Mullets, 4
Soles, 4
Mazzancolle prawns, 250 gr
Salt cod, 4 pieces
Semolina, 250 gr
Salt, q.s.
Seed oil, q.s.
Sparkling water, 200 ml
Flour 00, 100 g
Eggs, 2


  • Clean the fish under current water. Get rid of the entrails and the gristle.
  • When all fishes are ready, let’s start frying: heat the seed oil until it reaches a temperature between 180° and 190°.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the batter mixing water, flour and eggs. Once ready, dip the fish in it. When the oil is hot, start to fry.
  • Wait 3-4 minutes. When the fishes are ready, drain them on absorbent paper.
  • Let the fry cool down a bit before serving.


According to an old popular saying, everything that fries also tastes good. But frying is a true work of art: only skilled hands, fresh raw materials and the right breading ensure a crispy and exquisite fry. At Cantina Do Spade, you’ll find fried specialties both in our menu à-la-carte and at the counter and we are sure they will delight your palate. We are talking about the fish fry, that we usually propose in three variants:

  • Squids only
  • Frittoin with squids and vegetables (zucchini, carrots, aubergines, peppers, onions)
  • Mixed fried fish that we prepare with squids, sardines, mullets, soles, mazzancolle shrimps or fresh salt cod, according to the catch of the day