Sweet fritters

The original recipe
Preparazione: 60 min
Cottura: 20 min
Dosi per: 4 persone


Flour, 400 gr
Golden raisin, 100 gr
Sugar, 1 tablespoon
Egg, 2
Milk, q.s.
Rhum, 1 shot glass
Brewer's yeast, 30 gr
Salt, q.s.
Groundnut oil to fry, q.s.
Powdered sugar, q.s.


Today, just like yesterday, you’ll need genuine and fresh products to prepare good fritters.

  • Let the golden raisin soak in tepid water.
  • Crumble the brewer'yeast and dilute it with 3 spoons of lukewarm water.
  • Sift the flour, mix it with the sugar and with a pinch of salt. Place it on a wooden table; combine the eggs, the rhum and the yeast and amalgamate adding milk, to obtain a dense batter.
  • Drip the raising, dry it and add it to the mix.
  • Leave the mix rise in a warm place for around an hour.
  • After that, heat up some oil. When the oil is hot, pour the mix in spoonfuls.
  • The fritters will be ready when they have a dark colour. At this point it’s time to drip them, remove the excess of oil with a napkin and sprinkle powdered sugar on them. Serve lukewarm.


In the past, these delicacies were prepared on the streets by the “fritoleri” (fritter makers). An ante-litteram labour union was in activity until the fall of the Republic of Venice, but the fritoleri disappeared from the streets just by the end of the XIX century. They used to knead on big wooden tables and then fried up the fritters in oil, pigs fat or butter, using huge frying pans. Once ready, they sprinkled sugar on top of them and placed the fritters on big decorated plates, to enhance the look of the ingredients and remark upon the genuinity of the product.