Do Spade's blackboard

Tips, recipes and stories

In a small slate blackboard on the counter, where we serve our cicchetti, we usually suggest great wine pairing. Here we can also give advices and recipes and tell you many anecdotes, to let you know the history of each dish or glass.

The Redentore Festival

The Redentore Festival In 1575 Italy was hit by a terrible plague epidemic that lasted for two years and made 50.000 victims. If you carefully look at Venetian architectures and at the urban structure, you will surely notice that Venetians are extremely religious people. Redentore (Redeemer) is the name of a basilica designed by Andrea […]

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The Bussolai biscuits
04 July 2013

Typical of Burano island, the “bussolà” (also called buranelli) take their name from the word “busa”, which in Venetian dialect means “hole”. The dialectal word “buranei” was later added to underline their origin. The origin of the bussolai biscuits The story goes that, once upon a time, a famous Venetian restaurateur asked the local baker […]

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The origins of Venetian bacari
26 June 2013

Cantina Do Spade is one of the ancient taverns in Venice. Located in Calle delle Spade at S. Matteo di Rialto, it is an emblem of a city rich in history and full of stories, that sometimes turn into such poetic legends that they mix perfectly with the truth. This is what happened with the […]

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Bigoli pasta

Bigoli are a traditional fresh pasta of Veneto region, prepared only with soft wheat flour, very little water and salt. They are prepared with a specific pasta press called “bigolaro”. Legend has it, this machine was created in 1604 by a pasta maker from Padua that earned him a patent from the City Council of […]

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What is a cicchetto?
08 February 2013

As in any bacaro worth of this name, in our Cantina you can taste great regional wines, together with delicious cicchetti tupical of our culinary tradition, such as sardines in saor, creamed codfish, Venetian style liver, but also fried mozzarella sandwich, fried meatballs, cuttlefish, squids… A way to delight your palate, taking a step back in time but […]

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Where was the wine “ombra” born
05 February 2013

Legend has it that in ancient times the wine was served by street vendors in San Marco Square. They used to follow the shadow of the bell tower, in order to keep the wine cool. Hence the use of the word “ombra” (“shadow” in Venetian dialect) to name a glass of wine. The social meaning […]

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